Scorpio and Scorpio- Relationship Compatibility for Marriage

Scorpio and Scorpio- Relationship Compatibility for Marriage

Compatibility is more than just getting along with each other and having similar interests. It’s about trust, trust that the other person understands what you need and is willing to participate in making the relationship a safe space. Scorpios’ like-mindedness and deep closeness are what they expect in return!

Possessing a close relationship is rare, so care needs to be taken when approaching this union. Being a Scorpio in a relationship with another Scorpio must never be taken for granted. When a Scorpio person is done with a relationship, they will never look back. If they do, things will never be the same.

  • What it’s like to be in a relationship with another Scorpio
  • How to be a great friend to a Scorpio
  • What to expect when you marry a Scorpio
  • The passion and intensity of a Scorpio in the bedroom
  • 3 Frequently Asked Questions about Scorpio compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio- Friendship Compatibility

We generally see a group of Scorpio people living near each other as they tend to gravitate toward those they trust the most. These friends and family likely share a similar way of looking at the world, and Scorpios find comfort in the similarities. Most often, these tend to be people with Mercury or the Moon in the sign of Scorpio or Taurus.

Scorpios take their friendships seriously. So seriously, jealousy and envy can play a large part if the relationship isn’t strong, mistrust is present, or if it is a new relationship or friendship that has yet to be proven trustworthy. When you are a Scorpio and want to be great friends with another Scorpio, you have to be willing and open enough to tell your own story and hear theirs– neither of you like secrets. Two Scorpios will get along great! They will share stories about people and situations they don’t like and enjoy laughing about the irony of life while indulging in dark humor.

The downside of these friendships is each person is in the relationship because the other has something valuable. For example, two Scorpio people may become friends because one offers a service or sells something the other person needs. Scorpios will open up to a connection and jump on the opportunity to see where the other person can fit into their lives.

If the relationship isn’t balanced, one person will feel taken advantage of and could feel powerlessmunication is the best tool to use to remain on the same page so that no one gets hurt.

Scorpio naturally rules the 8th House of marriage and divorce. When two Scorpios decide to tie the knot, they are serious about it! After all, getting married to a Scorpio person is an enormous commitment. They often wait until the last minute because they look for the person they can see themselves with “forever.” Settling down can free lesbian hookup scare a younger Scorpio, which may lead to only choosing physical connections instead of emotional ones until they meet the person they cannot separate from– their version of The One. Finally, at about age 27- their first Saturn return, they come around and see for themselves that being alone forever is not what they want.

Once in a marriage, it’s essential never to keep secrets and be willing to transform what feels uncomfortable. This marriage remains strong when they expect change and welcome it. The ability to trust must remain consistent. However, if one Scorpio person remains stagnant, the other Scorpio will feel stifled.

Scorpio and Scorpio – Sexual Compatibility

Two Scorpio people will find it hard to leave the bedroom because the passion and intensity felt between them will feel like a physical pull. After all, Scorpio is known as a magnetic sign, attracting beautiful, intense, and talented people and often being physically attracted to the person who resembles the “bad influence” type. In addition, Scorpio rules the sexual reproductive organs, so it would make sense that there is a massive sexual influence when coming into contact with a confident Scorpio.